Benito Family II

More pictures of the extended family that has become my second family.

Not every dating couple gets themselves registered with the Guatemalan government within two days of her saying “yes”. This one did.

Galen Miller showed up here awhile back and asked Sandra to begin a dating relationship. She eventually said yes, and they spent the next day butchering the “fatted calf” for Ruben’s birthday. She and I both had plans to travel to the capital the following day, and Galen graciously changed his travel plans to take us in his pickup. Rather than us busing. The five hour trip was uneventful enough. We stopped for coffee at Tío Pablo’s, (in the capital)  before continuing on to spend the night at MAM Headquarters. After good times over coffee, we headed to the vehicle to leave. But it.was.gone. With our backpacks in it. And Sandra’s purse. Oh joy. For the first time in any of our lives, we found out what it felt like to literally only have the clothes on our backs.  And so, the police report officially declares (for if they ever wonder) that Sandra Nohemí Benito Ramírez is the novia (girlfriend) of the aforementioned Galen Lloyd Miller. At this point, there is no wondering. It’s been a pleasure and privilege to watch the friendship bloom and blossom. Pray for Galen and Sandra as they seek the Lord’s will for their future.

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